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"Our County government can do so much more to diversify, reinforce, and revitalize our local economy. The pandemic has shown us that we cannot rely on tourism as the only economic base for our island. Just like with energy, we need to explore every industry we have available to add to our economic strength. As a former CEO, I understand the need to support entrepreneurs and local industries like agriculture, film, fishing, alternative energy, construction, and scientific innovation. We need County leadership that will unleash the economic capacity of our island to sustain future generations. Local businesses are economic engines for families across our island, cultural and social hubs for our neighborhoods, and the most important way to build wealth in our communities.


As Mayor, I will:

Preserve important agricultural lands for the purpose they were intended for growing food

Allow more farmers’ markets for local producers to sell their products directly to the community

Partner with the University of Hawaiʻi system to support research programs that explore new and developing industries on Hawaiʻi Island

Expand the Department of Research & Development to provide more engagement, marketing, and outreach to the private sector

Improving Connectivity

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"Traffic is one of the most pressing issues our communities face. Local residents on their way to work or school are stuck in bottleneck areas all over the island. We need proactive County leadership to fix our broken transportation system. Each community and its needs are different. Puna does not need any more roundabouts; it needs alternate routes. On the other side of the island, Queen Ka‘ahumanu Highway has needed lane expansions for multiple years. My administration will prioritize these and other problems to alleviate traffic in the short-term, as well as improve connectivity to our entire island and state in the long- term. Connectivity, however, is more than just roads. Our collective experience with the pandemic has illustrated the need for reliable digital connectivity as well. Now more than ever, so many people depend on our digital infrastructure for things like telehealth, remote work, and emergency communication. The County needs to play a larger role in improving connectivity both within and between communities.


If elected, my administration will take steps to:

Coordinate with the state Department of Transportation to prioritize alternate and evacuation routes for isolated communities

Expand our Mass Transit Agency with a larger vehicle fleet servicing more routes

Work with the Hawai‘i Broadband and Digital Equity Office to roll out wired and wireless technologies where they are needed most, especially in rural areas

Increase capacity in and out of growing areas on our island where transportation investment has not kept up with population growth

Strengthening our Workforce

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We need a local government that values its workforce and recognizes that our County is only as good as our employees. Investing in adequate training, resources, and opportunities for growth will pay dividends to both the County and the community we are serving. As a former public sector employee of 15 years, I understand the needs of employees. With my most recent experience as a vice president of business development, I know what it takes to meet those needs and create a positive work environment where employees feel respected, supported, and motivated. Outside of County government, we need to stop the brain drain by cultivating our homegrown workforce. Young people should not have to travel to the mainland to get a quality job or education. As Mayor, I will fight for more opportunities for them right here at home. This is how we ensure that our children and grandchildren will continue to call Hawaiʻi home


Additionally, I will:

Conduct an organizational assessment of each County department to highlight strengths and identify areas of needs

Expand student internship opportunities at the County to give our local youth first-hand work experience

Partner with the University of Hawaiʻi system to make vocational training and trade programs more available and accessible

Work closely with the Department of Human Resources to provide more training for directors and middle management on employee relations and customer service

Implement more flexible, staggered hours for employees to better accommodate the busy schedules of working families

Upgrade our information technology systems to simplify and synergize work processes both within and across departments

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