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Creating Recreation Opportunities


"Over the past decade, the County has done too little to improve access to quality recreation opportunities for local youth, kūpuna, and families. Across the island, we see parks, fields, and other facilities falling into disrepair and proposals or projects that never get off the ground. This is especially true for West Hawai‘i, which has not received its fair share of investment in recreation. As a licensed psychologist, I understand the positive effects that safe recreation opportunities have on our youth as a diversion from destructive and antisocial behaviors


 I will bring this perspective to my administration by:

Seeking out State and Federal grants to plan, design, and construct more facilities, such as covered play courts, in every district on the island

Improving maintenance of County parks and beaches, especially in providing clean and sanitary restrooms

Encouraging community groups to utilize our parks and other facilities to provide fun and safe recreational activities for youth

Supporting the Office of Aging to expand programs that meet the physical, mental, and recreational needs of our kūpuna population

Protecting our Environment

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"From mauka to makai, we have been blessed with the most abundant and rich natural environment on Earth for us to enjoy and cherish. As residents of the Big Island, it is our responsibility to properly care for and steward these resources so that future generations can continue to appreciate them as well. My administration will protect and preserve our County’s natural beauty for the benefit and enjoyment of our local residents and visitors alike.


In addition to reducing air pollution through clean energy development, my administration will:

Expand the Public Access, Open Spaces, Natural Resources Preservation program

Encourage of use of greenways in development to conserve the natural environment, vegetation cover, and water drainage of affected areas

Ensure public access to existing shoreline, hunting areas, and trails

Work with the state Department of Health to accelerate cesspool conversion in the most environmentally-sensitive areas on the island

Fostering a Sense of Community

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"We need to create strong communities where our children can play freely and families can feel comfortable, safe, and proud to live in Hawaiʻi County. Having a sense of community is at the core of why we do what we do. As somebody born and raised on Hawaiʻi Island—and somebody who chooses to raise my family here as well—I am passionate about maintaining our vibrant culture, diverse communities, and distinct identity. When we begin to lose what makes Hawaiʻi special, we risk losing Hawaiʻi altogether. We need a Mayor who 1) understands that his role as a community leader goes far beyond ideas about policy and programs, 2) recognizes that local people are our most valuable resource; and 3) will fight to sustain the Hawaiʻi we all know and love.


When elected, I will transform the Mayor’s Office into a position of true community leadership and advocacy by:

Making the Mayor’s Office accessible to everybody, not just deep-pocketed donors and developers

Promoting the use of County facilities for activities and events put on by clubs, non-profits, and other community organizations

Ensuring that the community development plans are well represented by every voice in the community, including our kūpuna, young adults, and working families

Increasing communication, transparency, and accountability between the  Mayor, the departments, and the general public

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